I am a practising Registered Nurse, with over 20 years of experience in many areas of nursing,both in Australia and overseas.

I have worked for other agencies in the past & have aligned myself with Nurses Now as I find it an exceptional company to work for.

Their attitude towards their employees is caring , compassionate,warm and respectful , which allows me to bring a balance between my working and family life .
Laurinda Pericleous the driving force behind Nurses Now. I admire and respect her business acumen and integrity, she values and respects her staff.

Laurinda has a work ethic that promotes excellence, as do I.
I find that Nurses Now, has a commitment to excellence, the management is innovative and open to new ideas.

Nurses Now assists its staff in many ways including a mentoring program , ongoing education and providing opportunities to discuss /improve our work environment through meetings and morning teas.
Because Nurses Now is a family owned company, they understand issues which may arise outside of the work environment.

Their support is not just professional but personal too , encompassing not only us but our families.

I am honored & privileged to work for & be associated with both Laurinda & the girls at Nurses Now.

Jill Spinelli, Registered Nurse, Member of the Nurses Now Support Mentoring Program

Laurinda Pericleous (Nurses Now) has been known to me for over five years.

As an employer she is honest, hard working, empathic, gracious and caring.

She strives for best practice in all she does. She has a great understanding for Aged Care and all its difficulties

providing a service that is greatly needed, that of providing appropriately trained staff at very short notice, to a very demanding service of nursing.

The agency endeavors to provide up to date staff in all aspects of Aged Care, which is supported by in house ongoing education,

and mentoring for new staff with experienced staff. Such is the commitment of the service to both staff and clients.

I am able to comment on the service from both staff member and previous client and would highly recommend the service to both.

Pamela Avery-Pearce, R.N.,D.N.E.,M.C.N.(NSW), Member of the Nurses Now Support Mentoring Program

I am a Registered Nurse with over 38 years experience in the work force. I have known Laurinda Pericleous in a professional manner for 4 and 1/2 years. When I learned from fellow nursing colleagues that Laurinda was setting up a Nursing Agency with the intention of supplying experienced, committed nurses, I was very happy to join her staff.

In the short time Nurses Now has been operating, the feed back in the nursing community is very positive, and the business continues to grow rapidly. Laurinda, with her administrative staff of Nick, Grant and Annette, are very supportive and caring. The requirement for ongoing education and skills updating is being addressed, to my knowledge, a first for agency employment. I am also, along with 3 other highly experieneced RNs and educators, a proud member and mentor of the Nurses Now Support Mentoring Program.

Naomi Cook, Registered Nurse, Member of the Nurses Now Support Mentoring Program

I Annette Curraey am the After Hours Manager for Nurses Now.

When approached by Laurinda Pericleous to join Nurses Now I had absolutely no hesitation in accepting, as I had been involved professionally with her for some years.
Laurinda is an exceptional employer in this day and age as she always leads by example. Her compassion ,caring and commitment is evident by the respect and loyalty that is returned to her by the people she comes in contact with both in her personal and professional life.

I have found Laurinda to be a kind and caring person, who is conscientous, thorough and consistent in all she undertakes.
Her nature is positive and bright, her standards high and true.