We hear or read the words “work family”, “team” or “being looked after” in peoples jobs, but nothing could be more true than working for Nurses Now. I have had nothing but the best support, both in my work and my personal life from Nick and Laurinda, it is a Family Business and when we start to work for this Family we become part of them.

They are always there with their big hearts and open arms for their “work family”. They are professional people who have been able to meld a good working environment, excellent work ethics, a high standard in the health industry and yet still make each of us that work for them feel we are at the top of their “most important person” list, which is a very difficult thing to do and yet they do it with such ease because it does come from their hearts.

I am so happy that my life journey took me to Nurses Now and I can sincerely say I appreciate all that they do and all that they give back to me.

Tracey Young - Registered Nurse,

I began working for Nick and Laurinda at Nurses Now in 2012, and continue to do so today. Originally starting with them as an assistant in nursing while undertaking my Bachelor of Nursing degree I found Nurses Now to be flexible, accommodating and understanding.

Now as a registered nurse with Nurses Now I am supported to work within many different roles with continuing education and training. I have gained such trust with Nurses Now and the wonderful people I call my second family. It is comforting to know I work for a business that is reliable, professional and above all, proficient

Meagan Pirina - Registered Nurse,

I was lucky enough to begin my career as a Registered Nurse with Nurses Now, i took the opportunity offered to me and have never been happier. Nurses now is a flexible, reliable and supportive nursing agency to work for, with friendly professional staff there day and night for efficient communication.

They understand and support my family commitments whilst also ensuring i have enough work when i am available. Nurses Now has ensured adequate access to training modules and are willing to support any educational requests and opportunities with enthusiasm.

During my time with Nurses Now i have had the pleasure of working in many different environments furthering my clinical experience and i can assure working for Nurses Now has enriched my life and fulfilled my career dreams.

Stacey O'Kane - Registered Nurse,

My personal experience with Nurses Now has always been positive. They are professional, caring and considerate.

I am provided with ongoing training to improve my knowledge, base skills and expertise.

To be a member of the Nurses Now team is something to be proud of.

Debbie Tozer - Assistant In Nursing,